CSS Template Pixel This

Pixels are all around us. We are surrounded by a world filled with digital screens displaying images pixel by pixel. And the bigger the screen is, the more pixels it has. But, it’s not about the pixels, it’s about creating an artwork through these tiny squares. And today we release our newest portfolio template inspired by the world of pixels! We put our heart and soul into this html template and the final result is great!

We have created a top-notch slider carousel featuring attractive graphics and smooth jQuery effects. It’s one of a kind! And we truly believe that you will only benefit by downloading our free css template. Just place your projects, replace the logo and text and see what will come up.

Template Features:

  • jQuery carousel
  • Dropdown navigation
  • Properly commented code
  • Valid HTML / CSS Markup
  • Tested on PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile devices
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