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You know that in order to make your business more profitable, you’ll need a good marketing strategy. And email marketing is that valuable strategy that could take your business to the top. According to the latest researches, every dollar you spend on email marketing will give you back four dollars! Sounds good! So you’ll need a proper email marketing template to reach your subscribers. And here comes eMail – a creative HTML email template that clearly calls for attention.

That’s great for your products and services, they definitely need a prominent place that calls for action. We assure you that if you take our email template, your subscribers will fall in love with your brand. We did the hard work and created an email marketing template that works good on all major email clients. You just have to replace the content and start sending successful email templates!

Template Features:

  • 12 Layouts
  • 10 Color Variations
  • 360 HTML Templates
  • 48 Layered PSD files (comes with premium extended license)
  • Tested in all major email clients
  • MailChimp editable versions
  • CampaignMonitor editable versions
  • MailChimp tags included:
    • mc:edit=”text”
    • mc:edit=”title”
    • mc:edit=”image”
    • mc:repeatable
    • *|UNSUB|*
    • *|FORWARD|*
    • *|ARCHIVE|*
    • *|EMAIL|*
    • *|LIST:ADDRESS|*
    • *|LIST:COMPANY|*
    • *|CURRENT_YEAR|*
    • *|DATE|*
  • CampaignMonitor tags included:
    • <multiline>
    • <img editable>
    • <repeater>
    • <unsubscribe>
    • <forwardtoafriend>
    • <webversion>
    • <preferences>
    • <currentday>
    • <currentdayname>
    • <currentmonth>
    • <currentmonthname>
    • <currentyear>
    • [email]
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