CSS Template JumpMail

Superb email template that will help you to maximize your profits. Yes, simply by using email marketing you will boost your business. If you haven’t started with email marketing yet, you’d better hurry up! It’s a smart way to reach a wide range of customers in a low cost budget. Actually, promoting your products and services by email with a certain limitations is completely free.

MailChimp and CampaignMonitor have great free plans that could be used as a starting point. And if you don’t want to go through designing and coding an email template, you’d better pick up a pre-made HTML email template.

JumpMail is a great email template featuring clean style and vibrant graphics. We paid special attention to creating an email template that will call for action. That’s good for your products and services as they need attention.

We’ve designed 12 layouts, each of them in 10 different color schemes. So there’s plenty of styles and layouts to choose from and there’s certainly a style that will fit your custom needs. Of course, you can run the extra mile and customize the template on your own. In order to get the PSD files and modify the design, you will have to purchase a premium extended license.

Template Features:

  • 12 Layouts
  • 10 Color Variations
  • 360 HTML Templates
  • 48 Layered PSD files (comes with premium extended license)
  • Tested in all major email clients
  • MailChimp editable versions
  • CampaignMonitor editable versions
  • MailChimp tags included:
    • mc:edit=”text”
    • mc:edit=”title”
    • mc:edit=”image”
    • mc:repeatable
    • *|UNSUB|*
    • *|FORWARD|*
    • *|ARCHIVE|*
    • *|EMAIL|*
    • *|LIST:ADDRESS|*
    • *|LIST:COMPANY|*
    • *|CURRENT_YEAR|*
    • *|DATE|*
  • CampaignMonitor tags included:
    • <multiline>
    • <img editable>
    • <repeater>
    • <unsubscribe>
    • <forwardtoafriend>
    • <webversion>
    • <preferences>
    • <currentday>
    • <currentdayname>
    • <currentmonth>
    • <currentmonthname>
    • <currentyear>
    • [email]
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