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Boost your sales by using effective newsletter template. ZoomMail is designed to help all kind of businesses to maximize their profits. And that’s really hard, to create a newsletter template that will on one hand focus on the content and on the other hand, look clean, simple and attractive. But we did it!

ZoomMail is a top-notch email template that attracts the user attention and calls for action. It’s great to promote your business by email and it’s even better if you use a proper email template, just like ZoomMail. We have tested the newsletter template in all major email clients and applications and the results were superb. Moreover, we have included MailChimp and CampaignMonitor tags to save you time and frustration.

The downloadable pack contains 12 layouts presented in 10 different color schemes.

Template Features

  • 12 Layouts
  • 10 Color Variations
  • 360 HTML Templates
  • 48 Layered PSD files (comes with premium extended license)
  • Tested in all major email clients
  • MailChimp editable versions
  • CampaignMonitor editable versions
  • MailChimp tags included:
    • mc:edit=”text”
    • mc:edit=”title”
    • mc:edit=”image”
    • mc:repeatable
    • *|UNSUB|*
    • *|FORWARD|*
    • *|ARCHIVE|*
    • *|EMAIL|*
    • *|LIST:ADDRESS|*
    • *|LIST:COMPANY|*
    • *|CURRENT_YEAR|*
    • *|DATE|*
  • CampaignMonitor tags included:<singleline>
    • <multiline>
    • <img editable>
    • <repeater>
    • <unsubscribe>
    • <forwardtoafriend>
    • <webversion>
    • <preferences>
    • <currentday>
    • <currentdayname>
    • <currentmonth>
    • <currentmonthname>
    • <currentyear>
    • [email]
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