CSS Template Woody Portfolio

Today we present our newest portfolio CSS template – a woody web page. Generally, when you build a personal portfolio, you pay extra attention to the visual graphics, the layout and typography. And it’s pretty hard to come up with something new and unique. Luckily for you, we do create unique CSS templates! And this is a good one. The whole look & feel is clean and modern. That’s all you need to impress your visitors and clients.

So, do not hesitate and hit it! We have properly commented and structured the code, so it will be easy enough even for a beginner to customize the free CSS template. Note that there’s no CMS implemented in our portfolio CSS template. You could hire us to implement the free CSS template into a content management system or try yourself.

Template Features:

  • jQuery Slideshow
  • Attractive graphics
  • Properly commented code
  • Valid HTML / CSS Markup
  • Tested on PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile devices
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